Evening Shadows

We took a walk around the neighborhood yesterday evening. The sun was out, casting long shadows everywhere. It was so nice to not have our huge jackets on, trudging through snow and fighting to keep our faces from the wind. No, last night was none of that. Just light sweaters and our faces in the sunshine. All of us are happiest when we're outside. We crave fresh air and nature and open spaces. I know one day we'll live on a farm or near an ocean.  But for now, we're enjoying our time in a city. It's nice to have a playground nearby with a cafe on the way. Last night, Tim and I both forgot our wallets and the guy at the cafe said, "No worries, just pay next time you're around. Oh, and here's a brownie for your son." I love that about our community...people knowing each other's faces and saying hello. We've found a rare gem in this east coast city - a neighborhood that feels like a small town.

Tonight's agenda consists of ice cream and (finally) watching Arrival. Hooray for quiet evenings spent with the ones you love.